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Sunday, 13 June 2021 - 19:00

Yaël Abecassis (2020)
Documentary, 77 min, Israel
V.O. French, Hebrew/Arabic, S.T. English and Hebrew

Sponsored by
Canadian Sephardi Federation

Sunday May 9, 12pm

Original version in French
- Simultaneous translation in English
Raymonde Abecassis ( Icon of Judeo-Moroccan musical heritage ),
Yaël Abecassis ( Director ),
Hon. Jacques Saada ( President of the CSUQ ),
Fouad Kadmiri ( Consul General of Morocco in Montreal ),
David Lévy ( Consul General of Israel in Montreal )
Gérard Buzaglo ( Co-Chair of FCIM ),
Élie Castiel ( Delegate General of FCIM )

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Raymonde – diva, queen, enigma, inspiration, survivor, widow, woman, and mother. With a camera, Yael Abecassis followed her mother and stepped into a world where she had always been a stranger. “You know, daughter, Morocco is a kind of therapy,” Raymonde says, and for the first time, they embark on a journey together: from a childhood in the Mellah of Casablanca to the dunes of Ashdod and back to Morocco, where the mother became the legendary Raymonde El Bidaoia—a world-famous Moroccan singer.

Yaël Abecassis , director


  • Nominated for Best Israeli Film
    DocAviv Film Festival 2020

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“Divine, Raymonde El Bidaouia”
L’Observateur du Maroc et d’Afrique – Kawtar Firdaous – Nov. 2016

“Raymonde El Bidaouia, Judeo-Moroccan musical heritage icon”
In Secret – Charkani Majda – Apr. 2020


Interview with Raymonde El Bidaouia, icon of Moroccan Judeo musical heritage
MEDI 1 TV Afrique– Khadija Ihsane – Sept. 2016

Yaël Abecassis is the guest of Culture magazine on the documentary “Raymonde” that she directed.
i24news – Yaël Abecassis’s interview – Jan. 2021

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