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Tuesday, 31 October 2023 - 19:00

Moshe Rosenthal (2022)
Comedy drama, 100 min, Israel
V.O. Hebrew, S.T. French

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A bittersweet comedy about a middle-class suburban couple in their sixties who are attracted to their new neighbor, a charismatic bachelor who hosts karaoke nights in his apartment.


  • Israeli Academy 2022
    Ophir for Best Actress Rita Shukrun
    Nominated for 14 Ophir awards including: Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, …
  • Jerusalem International Film Festival 2022
    Winner of the Audience Award
    Winner of the the Best First Film

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“Karaoke is a real gift to all involved, to the audience who will watch it and to Israel’s cinema… Lior Ashkenazy spreads magic and smoke screens alternately, Rita Shukrun lights every frame with restraint passion, and Sasson Gabay reminds us why he is one of the greatest Israeli actors of all time.”
Oron Shamir, HAARETZ 2022

“Karaoke will probably be our film of the year, and not only in Israel”
Roee Even, MAKO 2022

“Karaoke hits all the right notes. Moshe Rosenthal’s comedic cautionary tale on love, friendships, and the art of karaoke is worthy of applause.”
Ashley Lara, The Spool 2022

Karaoke strikes a chord with Israelis – Israel Culture
Jerusalem Post 2022

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