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Wednesday, 1 November 2023 - 00:00

Haim Bouzaglo (2022)
Comedy drama, 111 min, Israel
V.O. Hebrew, S.T. English

Sponsored by
The Canadian Sephardi Federation

Bab El Ward

A dramatic and neo-realist comedy in the Moroccan language, centered on the life of the Vaknin family, a Moroccan immigrant family in a picturesque town on the outskirts, moments of laughter rub shoulders with moments of tears and a daily existential war. Although they live in the country, their hearts are still in beloved and distant Morocco.

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Un film israélien au festival d’Agadir, une première
i24 News 2022

Israeli Film ‘Bab Al-Ward’ (‘Flower gate’) screened at Agadir Film Festival in Morocco
Jerusalem Post 2022

“The Actors are so exciting that we want to be part of this family”
Actualité juive 2022

“Laughing, crying, angry… an unexpected, surprising film that leaves you glued to your seat”
Nouvel Observateur 2022

“Comedic moments, colorful, nostalgic folklore, hats off to all the actors.”
“A sweet and sour chronicle of a different Israel.”
“This is a comedy because you laugh a lot, but the emotions also rise…”
“Touching characters and if a family truly survives: cooks, serves, comforts, facilitates, guesses…”
Jewish Tribune 2022

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