The French Revolution (S.T. Anglais)

mercredi, 1 juin 2016 - 19:00

Hai Afik  
École Ma'aleh, Fiction, Court Métrage, 29 min, Israël

V.O. Hébreu, S.T. Anglais

  • Tel Aviv Student Film Festival 2015
  • International Film Festival Valencia, Spain 2015 
  • International Film Festival Odense, Denmark 2015 
  • The Los Angeles International Student Film Festival 2015
  • International Short Film Festival Bangalore, India 2015
  • Flickerfest International Film Festival Australia 2016

A noisy disturbance from some youths on the street erupts into Noni and Tamar’s home, shattering their evening. The violence that ensues raises questions for both of them about fear and ethics, testing the relationship between them to the limit.

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