That Lovely Girl

jeudi, 28 mai 2015 - 19:00

Keren Yedaya  
Drame, 95 min, Israel

V.O. Hebrew, S.T. English

Moshe and Tami share a modest apartment. But this is no ordinary couple. Moshe is aged 60; Tami is 22, and she feels adrift, restless and irritable. Their unconventional relationship is infested with a deep-seated malaise, and for good reason: Moshe and Tami are father and daughter. The storyline of That Lovely Girl is loosely inspired by the book Far from his Absence by Israeli author Shez, whose sensitive and jolting treatment of an incestuous relationship made such an impression on Keren Yedaya, the director, that she sought to adapt it for the cinema at the earliest opportunity.

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