Short Films

The short films will be presented before the feature films.

Next Stop

Einat Gaulan
V.O. Hebrew, English or French S.T.

Ruth’s voice is the announcement’s voice on the bus, everyone hears her- but no one listens. Following her psychiatrist’s advice, she tries to bond with the people around her- with no success. But life has mysterious ways to make her, for a brief moment, into a local star.



Boris Haimov
V.O. Hebrew, English or French S.T.

At the centre of Jerusalem a spaceship lands and from the inside of the spaceship sounds are coming out. The voices are talking between themselves about what they see, revealing to us a new external critical perspective on the local society. The spaceship is the Filmmaker’s way to watch the world as an alien.
A personal text, that moves between past and present.


Across the Line

Nadav Shlomo Giladi
29 min, V.O. Hebrew, English or French S.T.

Hananel, a young religious Jew, rushes home for Shabbat. An unexpected meeting with Mundir, a stubborn Palestinian hitchhiker leads Hananel to a serie of confusions that gives him a lesson in communication, friendship and love.



Yael Zafrir
19 min, V.O. Hebrew, English or French S.T.

A devoted elderly woman takes care of her paralyzed husband, maintaining a normal life for them. A random meeting with a French tourist makes her rethink what she needs.


Girl at Risk

Raaya Vardi Teboulle
21 min, V.O. Hebrew, English or French S.T.

As an Orthodox Jewish girl, Shira who is 19 years old is excused of compulsory combat duty in the army and is instead doing a year’s National Service in a high school. Frustrated at the minor tasks she is given, Shira seeks greater involvement with the students and sets herself up as mentor to a troubled fourteen years old facing a serious crisis.  But things get out of hand and ends in disaster and painful disillusion.



Shira Meishar
12 min, V.O. Hebrew, English or French S.T.

Just as Helena is about to end another day in the restaurant where she works and return home to celebrate her fiftieth birthday with her husband, a stranger enters and orders a meal… Something about him rekindles Helena’s desire for human warmth and connection. Soon enough the two of them are joined by a neglected little boy whom Helena saves from a street fight outside the restaurant. In this way a fragile fantasy family is built for three people whose alternative lives whisper inside them.



Shulamit Lifschitz
6 min, V.O. Hebrew, English or French S.T.

Miriam’s father is determined to secure her future happiness… the Israeli way.



Esty Shushan
16 min, V.O. Hebrew, English or French S.T.

Naomi, a married Orthodox Jewish woman, is young, immature, and has already raised children earlier in life as an older sister in a large Orthodox family. But 22 years old, Naomi is obligated to the social norm, quietly, secretly, she shares her pain and insights with the world. Her relatives know nothing of her thoughts and her controversial decisions. Her husband worries, her mother anxiously offers various birthing segulot (charms). Do the personal wishes of a young woman stand a chance against a rigidly conservative social structure? Will Naomi’s marriage survive the test?



Jordan Boutboul
19 min, V.O. Hebrew, English or French S.T.

Rachel, a 55-year-old woman, denies the loss of her son who was killed in the war. The mourning affects the whole family, creating an atmosphere of tension and frustration. Rachel finds a memory left by her son before his death.


A Perfect Day for Banana Leaves

Yavin Rubinstein
29 min, V.O. Hebrew, English or French S.T.

Bananas are grown in the north of Israel, destined for Gaza Strip. They make their journey South through the Israeli landscape and cross the Wall to reach the Palestinian neighbours. How do the merchants on two sides manage to work together? Who profits and who loses in this cooperation and what the bananas must go through before they reach their destination?

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