L’Honorable Jacques Saada

President of the CSUQ

The Communauté sépharade unifiée du Québec is very proud to present the 14th edition of its Montreal Israeli Film Festival, under the Honorary Presidency of Mel Hoppenheim, an illustrious figure in the Québec film industry.

In over seventy years, Israeli cinema has undergone numerous mutations, from Zionist realism to social affirmation, from criticism of all forms of discrimination to Nouvelle Vague inspirations. Enjoying full freedom, it has generated profound reflection and debate around a broad spectrum of societal issues confronting the young State to which we are so passionately and intimately attached.

Organizing such a Festival was no small feat. Full credit for its success must be given to its copresidents, Chantal and Gérard Buzaglo, who worked tirelessly with the assistance of the general delegate, Michel Zgarka, and a remarkable committee. I want to pay tribute to them all for such a magnificent achievement. They have made the CSUQ proud.

Finally, I want to extend my sincere appreciation to the jury members, under the presidency of the renowned and so wonderfully talented Carole Laure, for their dedication and generosity.

I wish you all a wonderful festival.

L’Honorable Jacques Saada

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