Opening film: The Testament

Sunday, May 6 2018 - 7PM

Amichai Greenberg (2017)  
Drama, 88 min, Israel
V.O. Hebrew, English S.T.

Sponsored by
The Consulate General of Israel in Montreal and
The Jerusalem Foundation

An uncompromising Holocaust researcher uncovers a long-buried secret that casts doubt on his family history. Meticulous in his quest for the truth, deeply religious historian Yoel Halberstam (Ori Pfeffer) is sustained by his faith and work, toiling in the basement of the Holocaust Institute in Jerusalem. Investigating the cover-up of a wartime massacre of Jews on the outskirts of an Austrian village, he stumbles upon highly classified evidence. With his personal and professional life at stake, Yoel secretly pursues the lead, risking everything.

Orizzonti Competition at the Venice Film Festival
Best Film winner at the Haifa International Film Festival

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