Wednesday June 7 2017 - 19h00
Drama   V.O. Hebrew   English S.T.

de Sivan Ori (2016)
98 min
Country: Israel

Presented by
Rabbi Scheier - Rabbi of Congregation Shaar Hashomayim
Sponsored by
Joe Amar - Bar Service JABS

Cinéma Cineplex Forum
Cinéma Cineplex Forum
2313 St. Catherine West, Montréal H3H 1N2


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Sarah, a morose harpist in the Jerusalem Philharmonic Orchestra, is married to Abraham, the charismatic conductor of the group. They have no children. When Hagar, a young horn player from East Jerusalem joins the Orchestra, Sarah’s world erupts. A unique friendship evolves between the two women. Hagar, feeling Sarah’s pain from not having children, offers to have a baby for Sarah. Ismail, born to Hagar and Abraham, is a wild and gifted pianist whom Sarah raises as her own. When Ismail discovers the true identity of his mother, his world – and that of those around him – falls apart. Harmonia maintains the unique essence of the biblical story from Genesis and adds a personal and human perspective.

Jerusalem Film Festival / The Van Leer Award for Best Cinematography & The Lia Van Leer Award for Films about Jewish Heritage
Haifa IFF – Best film
Israeli Academy Awards – Best Film & Best Director
Karlovy Vary IFF – Special Jury Prize & Best Director
Israeli Academy Awards – Best Drama Series


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