Mr Predictable

Wednesday June 14 2017 - 21h00
Drama   V.O. Hebrew   French S.T.

de Roee Florentin (2016)
103 min
Country: Israel

Sponsored by
Dr Rony Greemberg - Cornwall Pediatric Clinic

Cinéma Cineplex Quartier Latin
Cinéma Cineplex Quartier Latin
350 rue Emery, Montréal H2X 1J1

Mr Predictable

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When Adi was five years old, his father made him swear to be a good boy and always be responsible. After his death in the war in Lebanon, Adi had no choice but to keep his promise for life. Years later, a computer error causes Adi to believe that he’s got cancer – and suddenly all those years of being “predictable” seem like a tragic waste of time. Fortunately, Adi meets sweet, free-spirited Natalia, who seems to have no fear of life. Now he has to choose between a steady, predictable existence and a chance at genuine happiness.

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