Opening film: Past Life

Sunday, June 4 2017 - 7PM

Avi Nesher (2016)  
Drama, 110 min, Israel

V.O. Hebrew, French S.T.

Presented by
Ziv Nevo Kulman - Consul General of Israel

Sponsored by
Montreal Home Magazine

Past Life - Complet


Based on a true story, Past Life tracks the daring 1977 trans-European odyssey of two sisters – one is an introverted ambitious classical music composer, and the other is a combative politics and porn magazine editor. As they try to unravel a disturbing wartime mystery that has cast a foreboding shadow on their entire lives, they realize that freedom from the shackles of the past requires painful sacrifices, as does the struggle to discover one’s unique voice.

Audience Award – Paris Israeli Film Festival
TIFF 2016 selection

“Profoundly moving. Hauntingly beautiful. In his best film yet, director Avi Nesher expertly builds suspense for a vital, accessible, character-driven drama.” Variety

“Fresh, emotional. A gripping mystery thriller.” The Hollywood Reporter “An emotionally resonant exploration of the legacy of sin.” The Playlist

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