Honorary committee

Honorary Committee


President of the Honorary Committee

Bernard Landry

Former Quebec Prime Minister

Karen & Alexandre Abecassis

Main sponsors of the Festival

Kathy Assayag

President of the Jewish Community Foundation

Yury Bedzhanyan

Consul General of Russia

Steven Blaney

Federal deputy (PC)

Yaron Bloch

Head, Department of Film & Television at Tel Aviv University

Guy Dallaire

Associate vice-president, National Bank of Canada

Simon-Pierre Diamond

Vice-President of Ryan Public Affairs

Honey A. Dresher

President, Culture, Diversity & Communications.

Henri Elbaz

President, Communauté Sépharade Unifiée du Québec

Steve Foster

President of the LGBT Chamber of Commerce of Quebec

Me Alexis Ibgui

Lawyer, Hendy & Greenberg

David Levy

Consul General of Israel in Montreal

Natalie McNeil

Member of the board of directors for TV5 Quebec Canada

Annie-Soleil Proteau

TV and radio host

The Honourable Jacques Saada

Former Cabinet Minister of the government of Paul Martin

Frantz Voltaire

President of the Haitian, Caribbean and
Afro-Canadian information center

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